Sustainable Energy, Land Management, Intellectual Property and Supply Chain Solutions For Emerging Global Marketplaces



BLMG Holdings

A holding company with a diversified portfolio of renewable energy, real estate, land management and licensing solutions focused on servicing emerging global marketplaces. BLMG provides solutions, all under one roof, that no one else does.

BLMG’s diverse portfolio helps clients accelerate growth, remain compliant, enter new markets and overcome some of industry’s toughest challenges.

The BLMG Companies



Alluminati, a clean energy services group, committed to developing and utilizing carbon-neutral energy sources to power various types of facilities by constantly seeking out, evaluating, and validating utilization to ensure and maximize social responsibility and create a lasting, positive environmental impact.


Venture Verde acquires, develops and operates real estate assets within the BLMG portfolio and is dedicated to off grid energy efficient technologies that reflect social, environmental and fiscally responsible land management industry requirements and guidelines.


ZenZone is an intellectual property, trademark and branding organization curating strategies to ensure sustainable brands.


Scale Momentum is a multi-channel supply chain and advisory services firm focused on driving efficient supply chain relationships, quality and accelerated go to market strategies while executing industry leading market adoption.